You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You

Dean Martin (Дин Мартин)
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Текст песни c аккордами:
       C            E        A

You're nobody 'till somebody loves you,
       Dm           G        C        Am Dm G

You're nobody 'till somebody cares...
    Em           Dm

You may be king, you may possess...
F                     G

The world and all its gold.
    Dm                   D

But gold won't bring you happiness,
F                   G 

When you're growing old......

    C                  E

The world still is the same, 

You'll never change it,
   F           A           Dm    Am Dm

As sure as the stars shine above, 
             F            D        C     A

Well, you're nobody 'till somebody loves you, 
   Dm                G       C     F C

So find yourself somebody to love.
REPEAT #'s 1 & 2.