I Will Still Love You

Britney Spears (Бритни Спирс)
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And when the stars, stars are falling 

I'll keep calling 

I promise that you'll be my one, my only everything 

I'll never be untrue 

And I promise that for all your love I will do anything 

I will give you the stars, I will buy you the moon 

Even through the longest of our nights 

And even through the darkest days 

Our love will find a way 


And when the stars are falling 

I'll keep calling 

I will still love you 

And when your dreams are fading 

I'll be waiting 

I will still love you 

You were my summer breeze, my winter sun, my 

springtime soul (springtime soul), my autumn touch of gold Yeah 

And you were my sky, my rain, the earth in which my love goes strong 

The smile of my heart and the breath of my soul 

Even if we find ourselves apart 

We will hold our hopes and dreams 

Forever in our hearts 


Tell me how you feel 

I finally know how love feels 

Tell me if its real 

And my heart tells me its real 

So real, So real 


Time may take us apart, that's true 

But I will always be there for you 

You're in my heart, youll be in my dreams 

No matter how many miles weve seen 

I promise you that I wont forget 

The day we kissed or the day we met 

The sky may fall and the stars may tilt 

But I will still, I will still Love you