If I Own Today

Alan Scott (Алан Скотт)
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Текст песни:
I'm walking towards nothing
On this desolate road,
I'm searching for comfort,
A place to call my own.

I'm scared of where I'm heading
When will this fear subside?
When will I find the answers
to the questions in my mind?
Why the sky is blue?
And why my heart's the same?
And what I'm so afraid of
If I own today?

All I've ever wanted
Has sunk in the unknown,
And is lost and barricaded,
Longing to be shown.

Safe away and guarded
All my hopes and all my dreams,
Will they ever surface?
Will they ever be seen?

The life that I have planned,
The course I thought I'd take,
Can only be accomplished
If I own today.

If my life was different,
If there was something I could change,
I'd take half of my passion
And turn it into strength.

And then with my desire
And the courage I have gained,
I'd reach my destination
And finally own
I know I'd own tomorrow,
If I own today.