Fly Away (Never Never Land)

Alan Scott (Алан Скотт)
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Текст песни:
She'd tell me about Captain Hook and all of his men
who followed Peter with a hook replaced as his hand
in those tales bad guys seldom did win
so the captain was eaten and Wendy had twins
Well that's the story as I recall
but I may have made up the end
don't remember much at three feet tall
except for when I'd say
Mom let me go to never neverland
let me fly for just one day
throw that fairy dust in my hair as I pretend
Im flying away
Im flying away

Well to my surprise, I grew up too fast,
And that easy life of Tinkerbell never did last
So I silently dream myself far, far away
Where I would be immortalized like Peter one day
And that's my childhood as I recall
Though in some ways it never did end
And now I'm standing, well, a little bit taller
Except for when I say,
"Mom, let me go to Never Neverland
Let me fly for one day
Throw that fairy dust in my hair
As I pretend I'm flying away"
I'm flying away

And though life is never easy as we as children read in the books
Where fairy dust could just fly you so far away
And all I ask is that you leave me my imagination
So I can pretend I'm flying away
I'm flying away
And that is where I’ll stay
Right here in Never Neverland
I'd be flying, I'd be dying
For love and appreciation
Where mermaids would sing
And fairies would ring
Right down here in Never Neverland
And it's second to the left and straight on 'til morning
Or was it second to the right and straight on 'til morning?
In Never Neverland
In my Never Neverland