If The World Crashes Down

Enrique Iglesias (Энрике Иглесиас)
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Текст песни:
You make me strong 
You make me weak 
You lift me off my feet 
You give me hope 
When all my dreams 
Seem like they're out of reach 
You make me understand 
The way the perfect love should be 
You take me to a place 
So high 
I never wanna leave 
Sometimes all the things 
I should have said 
I hope it's not too late 
I wanna make you understand 
If the world came crashing down over me 
I know that my life is complete 
Cause I've held you 
In my arms all night 
Cause I can't imagine life 
Without you by my side 
You whisper in my ears the words: 
"Just hold me close tonight" 
And then the pain is holding me 
Your love just set me free!