When I See You Smile

Gloria Estefan (Глория Эстефан)
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C              Em        Am

I get a little tongue-twisted
F                                C

Every time I talk to you, when I see you
                     Em        Am

And I'm so glad that you just missed it
F                                  G

The way I stared to memorize your face
F7               G/A

To kiss you in my mind
F                 G       C

Love you all the time

 C             Em       Am

'Cause, when I close my eyes
F  Em       C         Am   C

I still can see your smile
                      Em      Am

It's bright enough to light my life
F   Em     G      C

Out of my darkest hour
F7                  G

Please believe it's true
        F              G      C

When I tell you I love you
I've taken too many chances
Searching for the truth in love that's in my heart
Tell me if I've made the wrong advances
Tell me if I