Funeral For A Friend

Слова и музыка:
Elton John, Bernie Taupin
John Elton (Джон Элтон)
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Текст песни c аккордами:
A					E

1. The roses in the window ...
A		D				b-	B7
Everything about this house ...
     A			  E		   B7    /   /  C#7   D7
It doesn't seem a year ...
		A		       E	

You said, I'm sorry, ...
    D			   D   /   E  f#-
I can't face ...
f#-		D		E   	Esus4 E   |  E  Esus 4	E
And love lies ....
f#- 			D		    E	Esus4   E |  E 	Esus4	E
It kills me to think of ...
	A				       b-
I was playin' rock and ...
	  A				D		D9

But my guitar couldn't ...
F#-	       E		       A	

Love lies bleeding ....
 / B7 C | G / / / | F / / G | A  (repeat) 	
2(to ref. )