Any Time At All

Beatles (Битлз)
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Текст песни c аккордами:
           Bm D                A              Bm

anytime at all      anytime at all anytime at all


all youve got to do is call

    A7          D

and ill be there

   D               A/C#

(1)if you need somebody to love
(2)if the sun has faded away

Bm                G/Bb

just look into my eyes
all try to make it shine

D/A             A7/C#             D

ill be there to make you feel right
there is nothing i wont do

D                 A/C#

if you feeling sorry and sad
if you need a shoulder to cry on

Bm           G/Bb   D/A

i really sympathize dont you be sad
i hope it will be mine call me tonight

     A7/C#         D

just call me tonight
ill come to you