Money, Money, Money

Слова и музыка:
Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus
Ноты есть в сборнике "Золотой сборник величайшие хитов"

Текст песни c аккордами:
Am  F7  Dm  E7aug  Am


I work all night, I work all day 
   E7/G#                     E7            Am 

to pay the bills I have to pay, ain't it sad. 

And still there never seems to be 
  E7/G#                  E7              Am

a single penny left for me, that's too bad. 
                          Am/G  Bb/F   F                 F/E

In my dreams I have a plan,     if I got me a wealthy man 
  Dm                                B7/D#                    E7

I wouldn't have to work at all, I'd fool around and have a ball. 
Am                   B7              E7       E7aug        Am

Money, money, money,   must be funny   in the rich man's world. 
                     B7             E7       E7aug        Am

Money, money, money,   always sunny   in the rich man's world. 
   Dm    E7  A7                        Dm 

A ha, a ha.    All the things I could do 
F7 E Am                  Dm       E7aug        Am    F7

if I had a little money,   it's a rich man's world. 
Dm       E7aug        Am  

  It's a rich man's world.
A man like that is hard to find but I can't get him off my mind, ain't it sad.
And if he happens to be free I bet he wouldn't fancy me, that's too bad.
So I must leave, I'll have to go to Las Vegas or Monaco
and win a fortune in a game, my life will never be the same.