Remember When It Rained

Josh Groban (Джош Гробан)
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Introduction: Bb9  Bbm  (3X) 
Bbm             Ab                         C# 

Wash away the thoughts inside 
Ebm                   Ebm7                 F# 

That keep my mind away from you. 
Bbm                             Ab /C      C# 
No more love and no more pride 
Ebm              Ebm7                 F# 

And thoughts are all I have to do. 
Bbm  Ab          F#                         C# 

Ohhhhhh Remember when it rained. 
Bbm                      Ab    C                  Ebm 

Felt the ground and looked up high 
Ebm7                        Ab 

And called your name. 
Bbm   Ab         F#                            F# 

Ohhhhhh Remember when it rained. 
C#                            Ab 

In the darkness I remain.