I Say A Little Prayer

Aretha Franklin (Арета Франклин)
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Текст песни c аккордами:
	Meter		4/4, some 2/4 and 3/4 bars
 	Tempo:	slow but fast count			
Intro			|F#m7	  |Bm7	  |	   |(2/4) D/E	|	
			|(4/4) Amaj7	|Abm7(5b)/D | C#7	|		
Section A play twice
F#m7	    |Bm7      |		|(2/4)D/E  |(4/4)Amaj7	    |
The moment I wake up    b4 I put     on my	  Make up  I
Abm7(5b)/D             |C#7	(RPT)		
say a little prayer for	you			
Section B  play x 3	
D            E

  ← варианты →
          |C#m7      F#m7       A |(3/4)Dmaj7  G(11+)/A
Forever for ever  u	stay in my heart and  I	    will     love u         PLAY x 3
(4/4)D         E    D   E    | C#7				
     only mean hart brk fr	me--------ee				
PLAY A (with repeats), then B, then B again, then:			
Section C	

F#m	   | Bm7	 |           |D/E        |        |	
My darlin be	lieve me there is no o--------one
Amaj7	   |      D/E | Amaj7     |     D/E | 
you      	[RPT last line to fade with vcl ad libs]