On The Wings Of Love

Jeffrey Osborne (Джеффри Осборн)
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Intro:  C  G  Am G (2x) 
Em     Em7M           Em7              A7 

Just smile for me and let the day begin 
C                 G            Am           D B7  

You are the sunshine that lights my heart within 
Em    Em7M                Em7          A7        

I'm sure that you're an angel in disguise 
C                      G            Am    D 

Come take my hand and together we will ride 
G                G7 

On the wings of love 
            C      Am   D7      Em Em7M Em7 

Up and above the clouds the only way to fly 
    A7               D7 

Is on the wings of love 
G                 G7 

On the wings of love 
   C           Am      D7      Em  Em7M Em7 

Only the two of us together flying high 
A7                 D7           G 

Flying high upon the wings of love 
You look at me and I begin to melt 
Just like the snow when the ray of sun is felt 
I'm crazy 'bout you baby can't you see 
I'd be so delighted if you will come with me 
(Repeat Chorus) 
C                 G 

Yes, you belong to me 

I'm yours exclusively 
           D7    C          D7   Am7  G 

Right now we live and breathe each other 
C                  G 

Inseparable it seems 
                   Am                G 

We're flowing like a stream running free 
                  C         D7 

Travelling on the wings of love 
(Repeat Chorus and shift the chords one fret higher)