No one else comes close

Backstreet Boys (Бэкстрит Бойз)
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     D	            Bm	    G             A

When we turn out the lights the two of us a-lone together
D                Bm            G		  F#m

Something's just not right but girl you know that I would never

Bm	   A		      G	            A

ever let a-nother one's touch come between the two of us
      Bm	    G                 A      Asus.
Cause no one else would ever take your place

		  G 	   A	   	       F#m	       Bm	A7

No one else comes close to you no one makes me feel the way you do
          G	A	F#m	     	     Bm	      A7   

Your so special girl to me and you'll always be e-ter-nal-ly
G	    A	           F#m			Bm       	  A7   

Everytime I hold you near you always say the words I love to hear
G		 A		    Bm                 G A      

Girl with just a touch you can do so much no one else come close
Verse 2
And when I wake to the touch of your head on my shoulder  
Your my dream come true o girl you know I'll always treasure.
(Pre Chorus)
Repeat Chorus