It’s Good To See You

Alan Scott (Алан Скотт)
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Текст песни:
Hey you, it's good to see you
You look good, your hair's gotten longer
Two years, time really flies by, I'm glad we did this
It's really been to long

How's life? How's Raymond and Bella?
How's the new place? Did you redecorate?
How's your mom, sister your brothers?
Sorry about your father. I know how much you loved him

But since we're here, I think it's time we talk about things
Talk about the past and the pain
People change, life's too short to live in anger
It's time to forgive
So go on, tell me everything
Don't leave any details out
If you found love, I'll be happy for you
I promise – it's good to see you again

No one, makes me laugh like you do
It's a gift, a very special talent
It's like, time froze right around us, except you're looking better
Then even I remembered
I must admit, part of me was scared to see you
Afraid I would get butterflies
But the time and distance that we created has helped that subside

So tell me, do you still smoke like a chimney?
Or has that faded?
Do you still drink, more red wine than Jesus?
Has things changed?
It's good to see you again

Well, we're almost done here, let's ask for the bill
No, let me get this one please, next one you'll pay
After all this time, being here with you still feels the same
So, don't be a stranger in my life
Please keep me posted
If you need me, just pick up the phone and I'll be there
No questions' asked
It's good to see you again
So good to see you again
Let's not make this two more years
I hope to see you again