Bed Of Roses

Bon Jovi (Бон Джови)
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      Bb                                         F

Trying hard to capture the moment, this morning I donґt know.

         Am                    Bb                       F

ґcause a bottle of vodka still lies in my head and some blonde


gave me nightmares, I think that sheґs still in my bed.

     Bb                      C                         F

As I dream about movies they wonґt make of me when Iґm dead.

        Bb                                          F

With an iron-clad fist I wake up to french-kiss the morning.

        Bb                                                        F

While a marching band keeps itґs own beat in my head while weґre talking

      Am                  Bb                             

about all of the things that  I longed to believe, about 


love, the truth,


what you mean to me and the truth is...

Bb          C          F

Baby youґre all that I need.
        Dm      C         Bb     F   

I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses.

Dm        C          Bb     F    

Tonight I sleep on a bed of nails.

        Bb         F            Bb   F

I wanna be just as close as the Holy Ghost is.

Dm  C   Bb                F

Lay you down, on a bed of roses.
Verse #2:
Iґm so far away, each step that I takeґs on my way home.
A kingґs ransom in dimes Iґd give each night to see through this payphone.
But Iґd run out of time or itґs hard to get through till the bird on the wire
flies me back to you. Iґll just close my eyes. 
And whisper "baby it probably is true".

    Bb                  C

The hotel bars hangover whiskeyґs gone dry.


The bartenderґs wigґs crooked, sheґs giving me the eyes

  Bb                       Bb              C         F   

mightґve said yes, but I laughed so hard I think I died.
Verse 3:
Now as you close your eyes you know Iґll be thinking about you.
My mistress she calls me to stand in her spotlight again. Tonight
I wonґt be alone, you know that donґt mean Iґm not lonely.
Iґve got nothing to prove, for its you Iґd die to defend.